Horses For Sale
Osk fra Sydra-Skordugili (Can 1586)Born in 1994.    Beautiful bay mare with a blaze.  Osk is suitable for all types of rider; she has been used for lessons, and is trained to jump.  All of her foals are showing much promise.

Presently in training at our farm in Rosser.

Price:  $5,000.00


Jokull fra Hnaukum (IS 92176694)Born in 1992Red & White pinto gelding.  He is very well trained in dressage, and very responsive to his rider.  Jokkull performs well both on the trail, and in the show ring.  Best suited to intermediate rider.

Kraka fra Rauduskridu (Can 1585)Born in 1993. Black mare.  Kraka was evaluated as second prize.  She is energetic and bold on the trail.  She has had several offspring who look very promising. Best suited for an experienced rider.  Excellent brood mare. 

Price  $5000.00

Gersemi fra Kaldbak (Can 1080)Born in 1994Beautiful buckskin mare.  Gersemi was evaluated at 7.70.  She is very sweet-tempered and loyal.  She makes an excellent brood mare, and several of her offspring are already excellent riding horses. is presently in foal, bred to Erill fra Sperdi.  Due in Spring of 2007.


Maera fra Sydra-Skordugili (Can 1584)Born in 1994Beautiful Red Dun mare with a small star.  She has large, graceful movements.  Maera is very responsive to here rider.  She is excellent on the trail and soft in the mouth.  She is best suited to a confident and experienced rider. 

Price  $5000.00

Gutti fra Fleurs de Rocaille (Can 1826)Born in 2003Rare silver dapple gelding with white mane and tail.  Gutti shows beautiful movements in the pasture.  His mother, Thorf fra Rauduskridu (Can 1744) was a pace-racer in Iceland, and his father is our First Prize Stallion Erill fra Sperdi.  ( Can. 1191).


Melodja fra Arnason Farms (Can 1789)

Born in 2003

Rare grey and white pinto filly. Her mother is a second prize mare Aldis fra Hvassafelli ( Can 1073)

And her father is our First Prize Stallion Erill fra Sperdi. ( Can. 1191)

This filly has great potential to be a top show horse.

Price  $15,000.00

Melasole fra Arnason Farms (Can 1882)

Born in 2004

Beautiful chestnut filly with a star and connected strip and snip. Her mother is a pinto mare Randalin fra GL Ladegard (Can 1875). Her father is our silver bay stallion Skaldi fra Fjalla Vegur (Can 1547).

Rokkvi fra Arnason Farms (Can 1884)

Born in 2004

Bay gelding with a small star. His mother is second prize mare Kraka fra Rauduskridu (Can 1585). His father is our silver bay stallion Skaldi fra Fjalla Vegur (Can 1547).