About Us

Arnason’s Icelandic Horse Farm is located in Rosser, MB just 10 minutes outside the city of Winnipeg. We have been breeding, raising and training Icelandic Horses since 1989, when we imported the first of the breed to Manitoba (see Our Story).

Our farm in Rosser is a first class training facility set on 12 acres. We have an indoor riding arena, attached to a barn equipped to keep 12 horses, and a round pen. We also have an international riding ring, 300 meter pace track, and trails for training that meander around our trout pond and over a small hill.

For raising the young horses we also have property on the edge of Riding Mountain National Park near Rossburn, MB, which allows us easy access to the seemingly endless trails throughout the park. This is great experience for the horses, especially the young ones, who can come along on the rides, running with the herd.

Many of our horses also spend a portion of their youth in the hills near Mountain Road (Fjalla Vegur). We used the breeding name Fjalla Vegur for many years as this is where the horses were raised.

To raise young stallions, we use a pasture in Gimli, MB. This allows the boys to run together while minimizing fighting, as there are no mares nearby.